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About Sanford

Sanford Main Entry
Sanford Main Entrance
Sanford From 42nd Ave

Sanford Vision:

Everyone belongs.

Together we thrive.

Sanford Mission:

At Sanford, we strive to create a community of curious, collaborative, open-minded global citizens.  

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge and honor the Indigenous communities native to this region and recognize that Sanford Middle School was built on the homelands and resources of Indigenous people.  We recognize Anishinaabe and Dakota people as past, present, and future stewards of this land and commit to uplifting Indigenous voices.

Who we are: Community

Sanford is a vibrant community middle school in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.  We are proud of and celebrate over 90 years of history as a part of an ever-changing, lively river community with a magnificent immigrant and multicultural heritage.  We have many community partners that help us develop goals, identify and confidence in our students during these middle school years. 

Sanford follows the middle school model with a 6-8 program, advisory and teams. We organize students into smaller learning communities called teams that help foster a sense of belonging and connection to Sanford.  The teams of kids stay together for the 3 years that they are at Sanford.  Each student on the team shares the same language arts, social studies, and science teacher, and most have the same Math teacher as well. 

We aim support student success in many ways. We provide opportunities for student voice and leadership through our Native Group, Youth Voice (YPE), Hawk Team and a robust After School Activity program.  We have a strong CARE team to support students through middle school including our social workers, counselors and restorative advocates.  

Who we are: The Hawk Way

Sanford has been an authorized The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) since 2014. Through MYP, we provide academically rigorous instruction in all classes and supportive systems to help all students reach success.  This whole school program is
  • international-minded;
  • broad, balanced, conceptual and connected to the real world in authentic ways;
  • student-centered and project-based.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills are embedded in all classes.

The MYP requires students to have at least 50 hours each year in 8 subject groups to provide the broad and balanced curriculum to our students.  In addition to their team classes, all students will take courses in

  • Arts (Visual Arts, Drama or Band),
  • Language Acquisition (Ojibwe, Spanish or English Learner services),
  • Physical and Health Education, and
  • Design (Engineering or Media).

Some students also get an Intervention class such as AVID, Reading Workshop, Read180, or resource to help them reach their potential in all their classes. All students are challenged at their ability level. 

We know we teach more than just content – we teach our students to be well-rounded, healthy, engaged, compassionate life-long learners.

Indoor Soccer Fall 2023
Math Classroom
Science Classroom
Physical Education Class
Band Class
Students in Hallway
Staff sitting on steps as a group
Soccer Team out on the lawn posing for camera

At a Glance

  • IB Middle Years Programme
  • Conceptual teaching and project-based assessments
  • 6th grade teams build relationships
  • Ojibwe, Spanish,Arabic language instruction
  • CARE team of Counselors, Social Workers, and Restorative Advocates to help navigate adolescent years
  • Special Education services with highly specialized autism, emotional/behavioral and developmental/cognitive programming
  • EL programming
  • Partnerships with YWCA for social groups
  • Extensive after-school activities and athletics



Ahmed Amin, Principal
Ahmed Amin, Principal


Staff Photo of Al Pitt
Albert Pitt, Principal on Special Assignment


Staff Photo of Bjorn Lundgren
Bjorn Lundgren, Assistant Principal
CommunityPartners List

Sanford Middle School
3524 42nd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Student School Hours: 8:40 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

General information & Support:  612-668-4900

Attendance Line: 612-668-4923 or email